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For Immediate Release
In the fall of 2008, John Kelly, a licensed architect from New York City, began designing the House I; a “kit of parts” home that once assembled, is powered exclusively by wind and solar power and is completely energy independent.  It can be assembled in one (1) week by two (2) people, with basic carpentry skills and simple hand tools, and requires no heavy equipment.
The life expectancy of House I is twenty to twenty-five (20–25) years, and its primary goal is to serve as replacement housing after a natural disaster.  House I arrives in a forty (40) foot high cube container, and can be de deployed anywhere in the world, by land, sea, or air transportation.  The anticipated cost per unit is $65,000.00, plus any/all transportation and installation expenses.  Over the life expectancy of the house, however, the savings reaped from the self-sufficient energy supply yields nearly a 25% return on the initial purchase price of the house.
Constructed primarily of steel, concrete, glass and wood, House I is a modular dwelling that can be easily constructed, just like a piece of furniture.  It is a self-contained “kit of parts” home that is mobile with a sustainable energy supply. The basic sequence of assembly for the house is: to position the concrete foundation blocks; assemble the metal floor joists and beams; raise the metal framed walls; attach the ceiling joists; apply the metal roof membrane; install the electrical and mechanical systems; insulate all walls; install the windows and doors; attach and connect the windmill and solar panels; and apply the powder coated aluminum panels to the interior / exterior walls.
Although House I does require water supply and sewage connections, it does come equipped with temporary water and septic tanks, and a natural rain water collection system.  All rain water is collected, filtered and distilled in storage tanks, and can be used for any/all non-potable uses.  All electrical and heating/cooling energy is supplied by the windmill and solar panels, and stored in a bank of lithium batteries for use on demand.
In addition to being a “first response” housing solution for natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and floods; House I can also be deployed in more hospitable circumstances as a standalone dwelling, suitable for any/all temperate housing needs. Accordingly, it could be an alternative for the mobile/trailer home that is the building block for low income housing across the United States, or as a first outpost on a new plot of land that later becomes a guest house.
House I is an attempt by John Kelly to bridge the gap between furniture and architecture in modernity. Drawing on all of his architectural abilities, and twenty (20) years of production and sourcing expertise in the furniture industry, John Kelly offers his unique solution for low cost housing that is mobile, modular and designed to be completely energy sustainable. Available for worldwide delivery beginning Fall 2010; FOB Yantian, China. ▫ 888 Broadway, 5th Floor  NYC 10003 ▫ (800) 291-1301